SkyTrain Train Maps

By Ben Lam, December 18, 2013

View, download, or print these Vancouver train (SkyTrain) system maps. Updated December 2013.

Vancouver Train Map

SkyTrain Train Map

This train map shows the three Vancouver elevated train maps traveling between:

  • YVR Vancouver International Airport and Downtown (Canada Line train)
  • Vancouver Waterfront station in Downtown and Surrey King George station (Expo Line train)
  • Vancouver Waterfront station in Downtown and Vancouver Community College (Millennium Line train)

Train ticket prices depend on number of zones traveled. See the fare zone map below to understand how much SkyTrain tickets are for your Vancouver public transit trip by SkyTrain.

Vancouver Fare Zone Map

SkyTrain Train Fare Zone Map

There are three zones for train and bus travel in Vancouver. Train (or bus) tickets cost $2.75 for travel within a single zone, $4 for 2-zone trips and $5.50 for 3-zone trips (during peak hours, i.e. before 6:30pm on weekdays). The maximum price for travel through 3 zones will cost $5.50 (ticket price as of December 2013) except for traveling to Vancouver Airport. A special add-on fare applies when going to YVR Airport, adding $5 fee to any train ticket. Train ticket price to YVR Vancouver Airport (in Richmond, Zone 2) costs $9 during peak hours and $7.75 after 6:30pm (off-hours & weekends/holidays) from downtown or the Vancouver Zone (Zone 1). See Vancouver Airport Train article for more information.

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